• TulumWeekend with Moonboots and Phil Mison

    11.08. 2013

    Zadar Ulaz od 23:00 h

    Info o klubu

    The Garden Zadar

    Lokacija: Bedemi zadarskih pobuna

    Web: http://www.thegardenzadar.com/

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  • The Garden proudly presents a Weekend with Moonboots (Aficionado) and Phil Mison (Cantoma, Reverso 68) alongside The Garden resident Bobby Beige.

    On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August we will be inviting two of the finest music selectors of sunshine music on the planet; DJs Moonboots and Phil Mison, both known for there exotic taste of Balearic gems.
    This weekend is a must for music lovers.

    Already causing a stir in music circles with Aficionado recordings label and Phil's Cantoma and Reverso 68 projects, it will be a weekend of musical surprises for sure.

    We will be starting at Midday on Saturday 10th until Midnight taking you on a journey of musical goodness.


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