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► DJ Link (Porto,Portugal)
Pornographic RecordsYin Yang Records , Naked Lunch Records,SoulaccessTechHead Recordings
► ADOO (Pula, Croatia)
Toolroom Records1605 - MUSIC THERAPYPatent Skillz RecordsNaked Lunch RecordsAlleanzaNight Light RecordsBaile MusikStick Recordings
► POCO LOCO (Pula, Croatia)
Patent Skillz RecordsStick Recordings
► EGGY (Zadar, Croatia)
Decoded Records / Decoded Mini RecordsKlinik Room Recordings,Electronic SOUL

★ Electronic SOUL // TRANSITION // HOUSE in the HOUSE ★
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★ DJ Link ★ (Porto, Portugal)
is one of the leading DJ/producer on the techno scene. By delivering upbeat techno and amazing musical experiences, DJ Link wows dance floors with every set.....
Besides being one of the most requested DJs in Portugal, DJ Link has become a crowd favorite in Spain, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Holland, Ukraine, Hungary, and others... often playing in the best clubs and events from these countries such as CODE in Madrid, Clash in São Paulo, M47 in Hungary and many others. 
DJ Link has released tracks remixes in Pornographic Recordings, Ying Yang, Naked Lunch, Soulaccess, Techhead, Beat Disaster... along with the best producers such as Hertz, Valentino Kanzyani, Dave The Dummer, A.Paul…
His own label, "Amigos Recordings" is one of his main projects. Now on its 18th release, "Amigos Recordings" has released tracks and remixes from many of the best techno producers, and of course many of the best tracks from DJ Link. "Amigos Recordings" is already considered one of the best techno labels worldwide, having each release on the sales tops and tracks always charted by the best Top techno DJs.....
DJ Link is currently producing several records to be released soon which are sure to be amazing. In the near future, DJ Link will release more fantastic EPs on Amigos Recordings, as well as EPs and remixes on the most important techno labels. International artists who regularly use DJ Link’s tracks in their sets include DJ Murphy and Cristian Varela amongst many others.
DJ Link will be spinning records in Spain, Poland, UK, Portugal, and again in Brazil on the next months.

★ ADOO ★ (Pula, Croatia)
(Toolroom, 1605, Patent Skillz, Naked Lunch, Alchemy, Alleanza, Night Light, Natura Viva, Phunk Traxx, NulogicRecords, GrammaRecords, Ready2Rock, Balkan Connection, Baile Musik, Bm Slim, Hard Disko Records, White Minds, 911 Recordsings, Anfrix Records, and Tech Art.)

ADOO (realname: Admir Hasanbegović), born 1985 in Pula (Croatia).


ADOO is a house, tech-house and minimal techno artist, DJ & producer from Pula, Croatia with released works under labels such as 1605, Toolroom, Alchemy, Alleanza, Night Light, Natura Viva, Phunk Traxx and many more. His tracks are played by UMEK, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Mark Knight, Phunk Investigation and others famous artists. His music is recognizable by recognizable groovy bass lines perfected with strict tribalesque percussions, cunning movable rhythm sections and sometimes dark ambient effects. Be sure to check Adoo music, because best is yet to come.


ADOO is a house, tech-house and minimal techno artist, DJ & producer from Pula, Croatia. His music is a mixture of recognizable groovy bass lines which won't let you easily escape the dance floor, variations of strict and tribalesque percussion, cunning movable rhythm sections intertwined and packed in warm arrangements or sometimes very earnest, yet metaphorical packages.

Born in 1985. In his teenage days he showed a big interest in electronic music, ever since first techno and trance parties that made him fall in love with it. For years he was active in following and monitoring the Croatian scene until he realized he wanted to be a DJ. Four years later he began working with turntables and developing his own style. As a DJ he performed in many local clubs (Monvi Centar, La Noche, BPM, White Horse, Joy) and the famous church of techno - Fort Bourguignon, trying to present his DJ-ing virtuosity and connection with the audience. 

2010 was a crucial year for him. He started his own production based on past years' experience with all sort of music genres. His first release was on the Croatian label Tech - Art with remixes from well known Croatian producers. In 2010/2011, he started a collaboration with producers from Pula called Welldone. They had several releases on labels such as NulogicRecords, GrammaRecords, Ready2Rock, Balkan Connection, Baile Musik, Bm Slim, Hard Disko Records, White Minds, 911 Recordings, Anfrix Records, and Tech Art.

2012 year must be noted for his big bang across the globe of electronic music scene. His music was being supported by many known artists; Umek charted and included his works in Behind The Iron Curtain podcasts – calling duo Adoo & Unique(Cro) as eastern flavor (in 2012 Adoo & Unique joined and worked together on many released tracks), also Richie Hawtin played tracks, his track was included in Blacksouls Amsterdam Dance Event music sampler – and also he did a guest 1605 podcast. Labels as 1605, Toolroom, Alchemy, Alleanza, Phunk Traxx, Blacksoul, Moan Recordings, Gramma Rec, Red Eleven Recordings and Frequenza limited released his music in 2012, all placed high on various charts of Beatport and other music download sites, while enjoying the support as part of monthly charts of various DJs and producers. 

In 2013 he released many tracks on labels as Rusted Records, Shinshy Records, 1605, ZERO Urban Records, KD Music, Be one records, Natura Viva, Night Light Records, Jekos Music, Fresco Records, WTF! Music, Toolroom Records, Miniaturesrec, Phunk Traxx, Alleanza and many others. His tracks are being constantly featured in compilations (as Kaiserdisco presents KD Music vol.3) and in mixes & radioshows by famous DJs (as Umek, Richie Hawtin, etc.).

He also played on parties with many famous DJs including Richie Hawtin, Terry Francis, Daniel Portman, 2000 and One, Jay Lumen, and Petar Dundov. His music was even supported by Mr.White as a part of White Sensation. His productions are included in various famous labels such as: 1605, Phunk Traxx, Natura Viva, Miniatures rec, Moan, Frequenza, Lens Media, Bedroom Muzik. His productions have earned praise from artists such as: Umek, Dubfire, Christian Varela, Christian Cambas, Alex Kenji, Nick Olivetti, Sabb, Nei Quigley, David Herrero, Alexander Fog, DJ Wady, Krumstroff, Outcode, Nihil Young, Andy Gramm, See Why, Mariano Nateljan, Mark Ash, James Warren, Vladimir Corbin, Louis Langone, Falko Richtberg and many more.

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★ POCO LOCO ★ (Pula, Croatia)
(Stick Recordings,Patent Skillz)
DJ and Entertainer from Pula, Croatia.
Born at 02.12.1990
Techno and Tech House music DJ
Support and follow me on facebook,soundcloud and beatportć/
Andrej Begić aka Poco Loco je DJ, Producent iz Pule. Novo nadolazeće lice u elektronskoj sceni koji rapidno svojim nastupima i pomno izabranom glazbom osvaja klubove a i rejvere. Poco Loco preferira tech house & techno glazbu koju rado svira u svojim setovima, ali koju odnedavno i producira. Prvi službeni bilježi u veljači 2015 , nakon čega mu se svirke po Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu (Italija, Slovenija, Portugal ) samo redaju pa je tako nastupao u gradovima kao što su: Rijeka, Zagreb,Osijek,Split, Pula, Rovinj, Mali Lošinj, Crikvenica, Ljubljana, Udine, Celje,Porto itd…Bilježi također nastup na poznatom ECO Festivalu u Sloveniji, tako što je osvojio 5 mjesto u svijetu na natjecanju za ECO Talent Contest.

Prvo izdanje bilježi na kompilaciji Stick Miami 2016 koja izlazi na Stick Recordingsu koji je u vlasništvu Alberto Ruiza.
Produkcijom se počeo baviti u suradnji sa ADOO-om koji mu je, praktički, i omogućio brzi uspon u glazbenim vodama. Uz njega ući iz dana u dan te prati sve što se tiče posla oko DJ-inga i produkcije. Poco Loco i ponosno predstavlja organizaciju pod imenom Pure Underground Rijeka, čiji je osnivač Labozz iz Rijeke.
Od Poco Loca najbolje tek možete očekivati jer je u usponu!!!

★ EGGY ★ (Zadar, Croatia)
(Decoded Records / Decoded Mini Records, Klinik Room Recordings, Electronic SOUL, Transition)

Eggy, full name Marko Juric was born 1989. And comes from the city of Zadar.
At the beginning of his youth he understood that music is the key to happiness, especially electronic music.
At 16 years old he bought himself his first turntable and a few months after that he decided to professionally enter the electronic music scene. He particularly enjoyed techno music, and for a brief period based his music on hard groove techno. Unfortunately, during the occasion of serendipity of the underground music scene in Zadar, he had no choice but to try much lighter and commercialized music.
During the summer of 2006, he became a resident of the nightclub Saturnus, which happened to be the biggest most popular club in Europe throughout the nineties. Playing only house, he became a local in Zadar’s nightlife atmosphere for those who shared interest in the same genre music. But according to what was expected, this could not last much longer.
After a short period of time, inspired by artists such as Joseph Capriati, Tony Rohr, Ascione, he slowly transitioned from house music to techno. Because of the rare genre music, he decided to collaborate with other local DJs from Zadar, playing techno in a club known as Aquinta, refreshing Zadar’s nightlife aura.

In 2008, he joins the Fast Forward group and also becomes a resident at club Skipper in Zadar. After two years of working in that club, he contributes greatly to the electronic scene in Zadar, there was an increase of domestic and worldwide guests.

In summer 2009, he met a fellow friend Edy C. from Sibenik, a DJ, producer and owner of Decoded Records label. This was the beginning of an excellent collaboration. He also worked a series of weekly parties called Ultimate Clubbing, in which the first time these areas bring in important names.

At the end of 2009, he finally settles on new and defined style music. He dismisses the minimal style techno and moves onto a more hard/industrial style, being inspired by new artists such as Brian Sanhaji, Speedy J, Oscar Mulero, Edit Select, Audio Injection, Gary Beck, and Chris Liebing. He slowly tries to work as self-produced, but unfortunately it does not work out and discontinues that kind of work.
He joins Decoded Records team, which was one of the most successful domestic techno labels for signing the big artists such as Woody Macbride, Marko Nastic and Rennie Foster. Under Decoded Records, he deals and sub-labels Decoded Mini- which is definite for fans who love softer, and minimal sounds. Both labels have over 50 top releases.
In late 2013 he moved to Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), where he also manages to find colleagues and fans who appreciate his talent. Starting from Lukras, who is from a very famous organization, known as Technology, whom in a short period of time also refreshed the quality of Zagreb’s techno scene, bringing in the worlds biggest like Cleric, Perc, Ritzi Lee, Billy Nasty and so on.
Just like Daas Haus, Depo, Gjuro 2, Eggy was hosted in well known Zagreb nightclubs, as well as music festivals throughout the Croatian coast. He was guest DJ at club Hemingway, and was one of the opening sets for the first year of Ultra Europe. In summer 2014, he opened up the after-party at club Jungle, after Bacvice Beach Festival, and immediately Dave Clark’s closing set, he opened up for Christian Smith and Pig and Dan at the Viva Riva Festival in Zadar in summer 2015. As a guest in many of Croatia’s well known nightclubs and festivals, Eggy had the honor to work with many well known greatest Djs, including Cleric, Cristian Varela, Billy Nasty, Cristian Smith, Pig and Dan, La-Di-Da, Valentino Kanzyani, Tomy Declerque, David Morales, Astral Projection, Marko Nastic, Ian Pooley, Dejan Milicevic, Aneuria, Veztax, Ian F, Sinisa Tamamović, Mladen Tomic, Speedy, Miss Sunshine, Pero Fullhouse, etc .
In 2014 he launched his first solo EP for one of Croatia’s better techno labels known as Klinik Rum Records under Main Asylum EP with 3 tracks.
His current goal is to fully devote to production. Today you can often listen to his 4 deck set, made directly from the heart and his love for the music. Not only dance-able and rhythmic but produced atmospheric and dark with a lot of low frequencies. He produces certain sets that will stick to the floor and is an uprising performer in which you will have the opportunity to see him increasingly grow and develop.

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