F 001 w/ Eelke Kleijn x Guy J x CHAIM @ Zagrebački Velesajam

F 001 - Velesajam Zagreb (Kineski Paviljon)
Friday, 18.05.2018.
Start 10 PM
Frequent C is designed as a mix of fun and friendship of young people across our country and the region. The main goal of the organization is to depict underground music to younger generations as a culuture and lifestyle, and those who are aquanited with lifestyle will enjoy with our selected techno-house music artists. We want to attract the fans of electronic music so they can enjoy together in the sound of underground house music produced by music-geniuses.


Guy J / Bedrock, Lost & Found /

Eelke Kleijn / Toolroom, Sudbeat /

Chaim / Suplement Facts, Cocoon /

Tramontan / Frequent C /

Rudi / Soundscape /

EARLY BIRD (Limited 300 pieces) 70 kn

4 PERSONS 600 kn
6 PERSONS 800 kn
The price includes: Table for 4/6 persons, Wine bottle (White-Black), Bottle of alcoholic drink (Vodka-Gin),
6 energy drinks, 6 coca cola or 6 natural juices, taps, parking space, special waiter.


The true beauty of electronic music is that it has no limits. It exists to be molded into whatever the creator desires. Few embrace this luxury with more precision and care than Tel Aviv’s Guy J. Over the past decade Guy J’s seminal sounds of the moment have extended infinitely and will transcend beyond even his wildest expectations. With origins from the heart, Guy J’s sculptures of melody have developed a soul and a prolific life of their own.

On the path to becoming one of the premier artists of this electronic generation, Guy J has amassed a vast discography showcased within an eclectic list of world-renowned labels. His disregard for boundaries has catapulted his genre-diverse Lost & Found imprint into one of the most highly regarded brands in the underground. And Guy J live and studio mixes are beloved by house, trance and techno enthusiasts en masse.

From a dance floor perspective, Guy's unearthly DJ mixes have helped propel his prominence globally. His Balance Presents Guy J compilation for Australia’s illustrious Balance Music series is a perfect example of what to expect when Guy is in the booth. It’s a hypnotic trek through the entire spectrum of house music, composed with an assortment of originals, remixes and edits for an exquisite experience. Guy has the freedom to melt together melodies from all genres thanks to his production prowess and masterful touch with Ableton's revolutionary software. There are few as proficient in the art of progressive DJing as Guy J.


Eelke Kleijn is a rare talent. With work stretching across film scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production, he crosses a boundary from electronic producer and into a true modern day composer. With peers and tastemakers standing up for this unmistakable imagination, the Rotterdam based music maker’s potential has no bounds.

Eelke has released two albums and an array of first class remixes for the likes of John Legend and originals including his single “Celebrate Life” that was hand picked as BBC Radio 1’s ‘Essential New Tune.’ Sony to Eskimo Recordings to Suara have seen the young Dutchman’s vision in productions become world heard.

Defying limitations as an electronic artist, his work as a Hollywood ‘soundtracker’ has been seen in Parker, The Crossing, Wrath of the Titans, This Means War and Ron Howard’s Rush trailer. His career is in a constant accelerating push to the top and 2016 was no exception. Venturing to Seoul to perform in South Korea for the first time ever, he celebrated stand out performances around the globe in Los Angeles, New York, Argentina and several other night long sets as well.

Furthering his cinematic endeavors, Eelke Kleijn released his bootleg for The Hunger Games song “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard featuring leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. Having also built a new studio last year, Eelke spent much of his time creating new music leading up to the launch of his new imprint DAYS like NIGHTS.


Chaim is an Israeli musician, whose organic and forward-thinking music rouses listeners around the globe. His productions have found homes on some of the industry’s most notable labels, including BPitch Control, Rumors, Supplement Facts, Saved Records, Cocoon, and many more. With a knack for turning out hits like “Love Rehab” [BPitch Control] and the Ibiza anthem “Blue Shadow” [Rumors], Chaim continually finds himself at the forefront of a booming electronic music culture.

Known for gracing the DJ booths of acclaimed venues like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Output (NYC), Stereo (Montreal) and The Block (Tel Aviv) amongst others, Chaim creates memorable soundtracks for even the largest, most diverse crowds. His understanding and respect for the classics can be witnessed in his sets, as he effortlessly weaves listeners between familiar, jacking jams to off-kilter techno.

As he looks ahead, Chaim is excited to further expand his Live show, while exploring new immersive experiences with music. An artist bound by no genre, but rather feelings of liberation and joy, Chaim creates music that is truly universal.

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